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The company has established a modern corporate governance structure in strict accordance with the "Company Law" and other relevant laws and regulations, including the highest authority representing the interests of all shareholders of the company - the general meeting of shareholders, the company's major decision-making body - the board of directors and the board of supervisors that exercise supervisory power on behalf of shareholders. Under the board of directors, the company has also set up four professional committees, including strategy, remuneration and assessment, nomination, and audit, to ensure the company's prudent research and scientific decision-making on all major issues. The company has also established a comprehensive and systematic internal control system in accordance with the "Enterprise Internal Control System" issued by the Ministry of Finance, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and other five ministries and commissions to ensure the company's standardized operation.


      The president of the company appointed by the board of directors is fully responsible for the day-to-day operation and management of the company; other senior executives assist the president in all aspects of work. The president's office meeting held regularly is the management mechanism for handling the company's daily affairs, making decisions on the company's various business activities within the scope of the authorization of the board of directors.



The company currently has five subsidiaries, two branch companies and three business divisions. The company transmits capital, management and strategy to its subordinate branches, subsidiaries and business divisions; its subordinate branches, subsidiaries and business divisions transmit profits, market and customer resources to the company.


The company has set up 10 functional departments according to business needs. Each department divides and cooperates, and is led by a senior management team headed by the president. Under the unified deployment of the company, each functional department controls and manages all the business of the company to ensure the orderly operation of various business activities.

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